Jeroen P. Broks

Packed file analyser for JCR6 and a few older game packages
An extension language for Lua
A character mod space arcade shooter for DOS
Revamp of the original "Secrets of Dyrt" game
Role Playing
Simplistic Command Line Code Viewer
A very simplistic HEX viewer for console use
NIL Isn't Lua - Extension ot the Lua programming language
A quick guide to get the basics of the Lua programming language
Try to find the file that is the virus, but don't let it destroy you
Extremely simplistic database tool for games
A nice fantasy style jRPG game
Role Playing
A space themed jRPG game. To boldly go where no RPG player has gone before.
Role Playing
In a war between man and elves, a girl born out of both races must manage on her own
A nice arcade puzzle game with balls