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Long ago on the forgotten world of Phantasar, there was a huge war between humans and Elves. A war going on for so long that neither the humans nor the Elves seem to remember what actually caused the war.

On this world Weniaria is born out of an Elfish mother and human father. Rejected by the humans and and odd to the Elves, Weniaria has to manage herself. Her sweet and kind nature and beautiful looks help her on the way, but most of all, she has an exceptional talent and devotion to the arts of healing.

Weniaria sees the war as the wound on Phantasar's body, and decides to heal that one too. The consequences are greatly and the war takes a very strange twist as a result. Not everybody is grateful to her for that.

Weniaria is one of the first novels in the Phantasar Productions series and has been released as a free download in both the English and Dutch languages in promotion of the rest of the series.
The events in this novel take place approx 20,000 years prior to the events in the game "The Secrets of Dyrt".

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AuthorJeroen P. Broks
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LanguagesEnglish, Dutch


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