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Heks is nothing more but a simple HEX code viewer written in C, that I created to quickly view files in HEX code. Using it is as simple as:

heks MyFile.Bin

Or using multiple files:

heks File1.bin File2.bin

Please note that I wrote "Heks" in a Unix perspective, so that means that wildcards are a problem when you use Heks in Windows and DOS (as the shell prompt already converts wildcards itself, Heks never gets to see those on Mac and Linux).

Heks can also be combined with  "more" and "less"

heks File.bin | more
heks File.bin | less
(Less is by default not available for Windows, although some people managed to get it working in Windows. I use it on my own Windows machine loads of time) ;)

Heks has been written in "pure C", which I define as that I only used libraries you get with any C compiler by default, so no dependencies are needed to either compile it or to run it. 

Etymology: The word "Heks" means "Witch" in Dutch, so me using a public domain picture as a mascot for this tool, was pretty obvious. And yes "Heks" is pronounced the same way as "hex", which in turn stands of course for "hexadecimal" 

If you want to compile Heks yourself then you can download the source from my github repository and if you know how to simply compile heks.c to heks.exe or a unix executable (depending on your system) it should work, and hey HEKSDOS.C can be use to make it work in DOS (you will need DOSBox, or at least, that's what I used to test it myself with the Turbo C compiler).


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Heks for Windows
Heks for Mac
Heks for Linux (should work on all distros)
Heks for DOS (works in DOSBox)
Heks for Cygwin
Source code

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