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Go back in time to the forgotten world of Phantasar, and meet Eric Sylvertin and his twin sister Rebecca, who together with their friend Irravonia, daughter of Tephondar get into a crazy adventure when Eric foolishly takes on a mission for the "Queen of the Forgotten Realm". Their mission attracts Jeracko of the Order of Onyx and for some reason they will do anything to kidnap Eric. Can you keep him out of their hands, and find out what they want from him?

The epic story where eight young heroes have to uncover and fight a great evil has been entirely revamped. A brand new engine. Taking advantage of the Kthura Map Engine, more compatibilities with bigger and smaller screens, more work on balancing out the game engine, and for Game Jolt folks, even more playble content depending on the trophies you have won in any of my games (games released later than this game may not be covered until an update of this game has been uploaded).

Cast of Characters

Our Heroes
Eric Human Male Eric Sylvertin is a young boy with an inferiority complex, mainly because his twin sister, Rebecca, is better in, well, everything.

In his desire to prove himself, he's not always too keen to tell bravery apart from stupidity and easily heads to trouble, only to get himself scolded by Rebecca for this.

The fact that Rebecca is a girl (in a society were man and woman are far from equal) doesn't help either, much to Irravonia's chagrin.
Age: 24
Weapons: Swords
Hometown: Xenor
Irravonia Fairy Female Irravonia, daughter of Tephondar is a fairy suffering from Agon's Disease, causing her to age as quickly as humans do. She is the proud owner of an attitude problem, and can be really annoying as she loves to pester people. Seelah Gandra in particular, whom she 'affectionaly' calls 'Little Scorpion'.

Truth is that Irravonia is a very sweet girl with a good head on her shoulders, and a very strong sense of justice, and a deep love for children. Always willing to lend her hand to those in need.

Now everybody knows she's secretly in love with Eric, but.... She'd rather die than to admit it!
Age: 21
Weapons: Magic Wands
Hometown: Xenor
(formerly: Frendor)
Brendor Half-Dwarf Male Brendor is a wanderer who has been traveling all over the continent of Delisto for years, without a real destination. He has a great interest in history and culture and ha a very calm and social nature. He manages to keep up with Seelah Gandra's aggressive attitude and is not afraid to speak out his mind, but always in a subtle manner.

He is pretty secretive about his own issues, and oddly enough, nobody ever asks him about them.

He meets Eric and Irravonia while in prison (which was abused by criminals at the time, so he was technically kidnapped and not in detention) and gets interested in these two, and decides to follow them around.
Age: 36
Weapons: Hammers
Hometown: None
Seelah GandraElf FemaleSeelah Gandra is a young Elf with a sarcastic and aggressive nature. Always rising in anger to everything people say. She's therefore been regarded as a rude recalcitrant good-for-nothing girl, who's fated to end horribly.
The truth is that Seelah Gandra is hurt, by the lack of ability within her tribe to accept her the way she is, and to allow her to be what she wants to be. Constantly scolded to extreme levels, she's kind of traumatized and always quick to defend herself, with threats and insults. Irravonia in particular seems to push her limits, and out of revolt she dubbed her "Butterfly" (due to the shapes of her wings as a Fairy).

The time will eventually come that Seelah Gandra can finally show the girl she really is...
Age: 180
Weapons: Whips
Hometown: Iskarderiu
Rebecca Human Female Rebecca Sylvertin is Eric's twin sister, and a typical non-nonsense kind of girl. She's straight forward, business-like, and it takes great effort to go into discussion with her. She takes no bullshit from anybody, and is very keen to see through lies. Although she just graduated as a warrior, she already shows great skills with the blade, and can be a pretty hard opponent to beat in battle. She's also dedicated to the jobs she gets as a warrior and and always strives to complete them to the best of her abilities.

Although she's only a few minutes older than her brother, Eric, she really acts as a "big sister", much to Eric's chagrin. She scolds him all the time for his mistakes and for being too eager to prove himself. Still when the going gets tough, she loves her brother with all her heart and can be really dangerous to those who pose a threat to him.
Weapons: Swords
Hometown: Xenor
Dernor Elf Male Dernor Woodlock is a calm young man, and leader of the village of Independence. The village of the Drop-Out-clan. He sees the pain Seelah Gandra suffers before she even spoke one word to him, and he desires nothing more than to take her under his wing (yes, yes, he's falling in love with her), hoping she'll join the Drop-Out-Clan, but he's afraid she might feel forced to do so.

As leader of the Drop-Outs he is just as calm and gentle as he is as a person, and he tries to pacify the hatred most of his clansmen have towards the Elves who turned them into exile in the first place.
Weapons: Bats
Hometown: Independence
merya Elf Female Merya the Magpie is Dernor's cousin, and she often accompanies him when he needs to travel. She is a well-trained rogue, and sometimes steals for sport (returning the items she stole to their owners). She seems to be a bit obsessed over a "certain phenomenon" and often cracks suggestive jokes, and can therefore be pretty intimidating.
Age: 174
Weapons: Daggers
Hometown: Independence
Aziella Befindo FemaleAziëlla, daughter of the house of Gandron is elite commander in the Elite Forces of the King, which is one of the highest ranks within the army of the Kingdom of Aeria, and being 19 years old, she's the youngest person in history known to attain such a high rank.

She's has a cheerful nature can especially when she gets excited, she can break all records in pronouncing syllables per second, but don't be fooled. This girl does have authority, and can be pretty harsh as a commander, and fully grown-up men, old enough to be her grandfather, would not even think to get on her bad side.
Age: 19
Weapons: Crossbows
Hometown: None
(She lives in a small hut in the mountains of Aeria)
Additional Characters
Human MaleJack Sylvertin is a retired adventurer and Eric's and Rebecca's father, and also a foster father to Irravonia. Due to his travels, he knows a lot about the Dwarves, the Fairies and the Elves, and easily adepts into their customs and traditions, and therefore it was not such a big step to him to take care of Irravonia, when she decided to live among the humans (due to her medical condition).
Jack is a wise man who accepts everybody for who they are, and rarely rages in anger.
It's no wonder his son and daughter love him so much.
Age: 47
Hometown: Xenor

Human FemaleWendy Sylvertin is Jack's wife, and therefore Eric's and Rebecca's mother, and Irravonia's foster mother. Like her husband, she too was an adventurer, and she too was (like her daughter) a once powerful warrior.
Neither Eric nor Rebecca know how Jack and Wendy met, but rumors said that Wendy consoled Jack when he was not in the best of his days, eventually causing the two to fall in love with each other.
Age: 45
Hometown: Xenor
Fairy FemaleFeenalaria, daughter of Vandar is a woman who thanks to heavy curses survived a time span of over ten thousand years. Now liberated of those curses, and praised for her wisdom and sense of honor, she became the new Fairy Elder, after the big racial war ended, and tries to give the Fairies a new sense of pride and dignity after the Fairies felt a bit of shame by the discovery what their true role in the racial war was. Although Feenaliara thinks her leadership is a hard task she does what she can, and the Fairies seem to appreciate it. Although she's the first Fairy Elder openly known by name, she is still addressed as "Mother" by the Fairies (a bit in a same manner as subjects of a king address their king as "your highness" or "majesty")
Age: Approx 10,230
Hometown: Frendor

Fairy FemaleYannee, daughter of Fandalora is Irravonia's mother (to those who played "The Fairy Tale REVAMPED", yes, she is the older version of Marrilona's little sister, Yannee, so Marrilona is Irravonia's aunt).
Age: 260
Hometown: Frendor

Fairy MaleTephondar is Irravonia's father and always concerned about Irravonia's well-being, even to the point that she is getting annoyed by it. Tephondar is prejudiced towards humans, due to their role in the racial war which he still remembers, and which clearly left him some mental scars, and is always eager to tell horror stories about humans about them being monsters who'd fry fairies in oil. He does give in to Irravonia's desire to be among humans due to her medical condition, but never fully trusted the Sylvertin family.
Age: 306
Hometown: Frendor
Human FemaleQueen Shanda is a mysterious woman who is unable to speak. She is said to be the "queen of the forgotten realm", but most people actually believe this to be a joke. It is said that her castle is all that remains of her once wonderful kingdom, which sunk to the bottom of the ocean.
When Eric foolishly accepts a quest for her, the story begins.
Age: ??
Hometown: A castle in the sea

?? FemaleBlenchy is a mysterious creature who appears not completely matured. She's scared of every one and appears not to be able to disobbey "him"... Whoever that may be...
Age: ??
Hometown: ??

Elf MaleGedrio Fulla is emperor over the Elfish Empire. He's extremely troubled by the inner conflicts of the Elven people, and tries not to take sides. It's also for this reason that he tries to accept Seelah Gandra for what she is, where other Elves do not exactly appear willing to do so.
He may be helpful in your quest, so seek him out, when you get the chance.
Age: 564
Hometown: Elfish Imperial Castle
Half-Elf FemaleWeniaria was born 20,000 years prior to this story to an Elfish mother and human father, during the big war between the two races. Back in her day, she was truly devoted to healing magic and medical science and her devotion caused to rise up after her death as the Elfish Goddess of Healing, and she's been the most popular God/Goddess in the Elfish religion ever since.
Her mortal body was stolen from her temple in which it was entombed, and nobody has seen it ever since, and nobody knows the identity of the thief and why he stole this body. It's one of the biggest mysteries around Weniaria's history.
Age: 20,000
Hometown: Realm of the Elfish Gods

Human MaleSheck-Lock is the self-proclaimed king of crime. He proudly wields a crystal blade made by the fairies, however since the weapon is very extremely expensive, people wonder how he could afford one. Since a crystal blade will always return to the hand of its true master, at least it's certain that thing isn't stolen.

Despite being able to afford a crystal blade, nobody takes him seriously.

Age: Unknown, but likely somewhere near his forties
Hometown: Unknown

Befindo MaleKing Herondo is the monarch of the Federal Kingdom of Aeria. He is always troubled due to the stubborn (and not to mention hypocrite) attitude of his people. He will be of great help to you, so seek him out, when you get the chance.
Age: 57
Hometown: Rayal

Befindo MaleScharum is a soldier in the army of Aeria. He trains a lot, and he tries to train and test you, as well. If you take up his challenge, maybe he can give some assistance.
Age: 43
Hometown: Rayal
Phelynx MaleTigerion is the leader of the Phelynx people on Cat Island. A great curse that rests on the mansion on this island troubles him a lot. Despite he never left his island he appears to be quite knowledgeable about the lands not far from his island, and even about their cultural habits. It's for this reason Rebecca gained his instant respect as he knows how hard it is for a woman in the human culture to make her way into training to become a warrior
Age: 37
Hometown: ?
Phelynx FemaleKatha is a Phelynx child found at the shores of Aeria, and has been taken care of by King Herondo, whom she regards as her grandfather. Although Herondo loves Katha as a parent should do, he's worried about her, since as a Phelynx she cannot fly, and it's hard to survive and live on your own without the ability to fly, so he hopes she can some day go back to her people
Age: 12
Hometown: Rayal
Human FemaleJennifer is a blind woman who lives in a small house, near the Naked Rocks. Despite her impairment she seems quite able to fend for herself, but it is clear she suffers a bit from loneliness.
Age: ?
Hometome: N/A
The enemy

Jeracko is a big brute humanoid creature, who is believed to have been human long ago. He appears as a pretty brainless kind of guy, who lets his muscles speak for him.

Rondomo is a swindler with an overinflated ego. He can't stress enough how "sophisticated" he is and how everybody else is just "unsophisticated". He's also a master with explosives and poison, and unfortunately he's very intelligent.

Aldarus is a very well-trained warrior and a man of honor, content to keep his vows. He is a man of his word and never breaks a promise. Despite the fact that he's your enemy he has respect for Eric and friends, because he claims to know an honorable person when he sees one. The question is why he sides with "evil" then?

Kirana is an extremely despicable woman who is really full of herself. She believes to be the most beautiful woman on Phantasar, and easily goes berserk when you hurt her pride and "dignity". She's not very bright, and only believes what she wants to believe.

For those interested what I all had to use to make this game possible, check below, if you don't care, you can skip this section entirely. 😎

Tool UsedWritten by:Written inUsed for:
Visual Studio 2007Microsoft?Creating engine
C#Microsoft?Creating engine
NALAJeroen P. BroksC#Engine
NILJeroen P. BroksLuaScripting
KthuraJeroen P. BroksC#Map Creation
JCR6Jeroen P. BroksC#File packager
DijkstraJeroen P. BroksC#Dijkstra pathfinder
MyDataJeroen P. BroksC#Database
AnywayJeroen P. Broks
GoQuick header generator
HeksJeroen P. Broks
CHEX viewer for broken file analysis
NIL Libs
Jeroen P. Broks
NILLibraries to get more out of NIL
AudacityAudacity Team.C/C++Audio manipulation
lzma for C#
Igor Pavlov with link code by Jeroen P. Broks forJCR6
C/C#Compression algorithm
Paint.NETRick Brewster (and contributors)
C#Art creation/manipulation
C/C++Art creation/manipulation
ScenEditJeroen P. Broks
C#Scenario editing and Dutch translations
BlitzPlusBlitz Research Ltd.
CA few graphic pre-generated effects
Game Jolt APIGame Jolt team for server side code. Jeroen P. Broks for client side code.
severalRegister achievements on Game Jolt.
Game Jolt Game Jolt team
TypeScript / Javescript / VUE
Site for publication of the game
Itch.ioItch.io team
MoonScript (I believe)
Site for publication of the game
PyBTFJeroen P. Broks
PythonQuick tool for writing Walkthroughs
GithubGithub team / Microsoft
GitLinus Torvalds (original version that is)
CUpdating repository
GeanyThe Geany Contributors
CEditing script files
SASKIAJeroen P.  Broks
Butler?GoUploading to itch.io
gjpush (alpha)
Y. Livay (Fernando)
GoUploading to Game Jolt
SOX??Audio manipulation
PowerShellMicrosoftC#Quick scripts for quicker development
BubbleBuildJeroen P.  Broks
C#Building the game as a whole.

Development log

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