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Meet Cynthia Johnson. An archeologist who believes in the existence of forgotten realms, like Atlantis and many more and she starts her quest in Egypt to search for clues to solid evidence these realms actually exist. 

Cynthia is a puzzle game, in which Cynthia is always placed in a puzzle you have to solve, by either moving Cynthia around or to make a grab stuff she can push or pull or swap or collect. Her quest starts in Egypt, but who knows where she has to go next? As you complete a realm new realms with new puzzles will unlock. 

The game will feature on-line charts of those players who did it in the lowest amount of actions or the least amount of time. Can you beat other players?

- Keyboard support
- Buttons for mouse and touchscreen
- For Windows, Mac and Linux (Linux users do require Love2D to be installed as depedency)
- A Female Protagonist
- Many many puzzles. It begins easy, but more challenging puzzles will come
- OpenSource (licensed under the GPL3).  Source code is freely available (https://github.com/PhantasarProductions/cynthia). In other words the game is completely free (both as in freedom as in free of charge)


- You can use the on screen buttons, but they are most of all there to make it possible to play the game on a touchscreen-only device. 
- You can walk around using either the cursor directional keys or the WASD keys
- You can turn around by either using the Q and the E keys, or by holding shift and one of the WASD or arrow keys
- Ctrl + WASD/Arrows = Push and pull (yes even on Mac that is Ctrl)
- 1/2 = Throw rock/dagger
- Locked doors will be opened as soon as you touch them (providing you got the required key)

Cynthia has unlimited lives, so no bother to restart a puzzle whenever she dies or gets herself trapped in a "no-win" situation. Time and and actions are only counted for your record so you can see if you can solve the same puzzle faster or with less actions the next time.

The game has been written in the lua programming/scripting language using the love2d game engine (http://www.love2d.org). I did as much as I could myself, however I did require some work by other people, and they are all listed in the [credits.md file](https://github.com/PhantasarProductions/cynthia/blob/master/Credits.md), which you can view on my github repository.
Also note that the code as you find it in my github repository may not work if you just zip it for love for two reasons. First I used my own building tool, which automatically includes all my dependencies, and I only included my own stuff in the dependency not the 3rd party stuff. This to protect the copyrights of their respective creators.


- Official Site: https://tricky.gamejolt.io/cynthia
- GitHub: https://github.com/PhantasarProductions/cynthia
- Game Jolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/cynthia/294717
- Itch.io: https://phantasar-productions.itch.io/cynthia-johnson
- Leaderboards: http://tinyurl.com/CynthiaLeader


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Version 36
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Version 35
cynthia-johnson-windows-32bit.zip 178 MB
Version 35
cynthia-johnson-linux_data_install_love2d_from_love2d.org_to_run.zip 175 MB
Version 35

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