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My newest finished game "The Fairy Tale REVAMPED" has now been brought to

Years ago I created "The Fairy Tale", which was back then meant as a kid-friendly jRPG, but with a story that could also appeal an older audience. Basically a game for all ages. This game was the start of setting up my Phantasar universe of which 'The Secrets of Dyrt' was also part as well as the novel Weniaria. At the start I really had the kid-friendly approach in mind, which Phantasar would in my later works disappear over time. Still this game was what started it all. The original is not entirely bad, but I knew it could be better. And thus I decided to revamp it completely. The original voice actors are still in the current version, however a graphic overhaul took place on the game, and also on the gameplay. I put in a completely new combat engine and added elements that are a real improvement to the original game. The result is a new game, same story, same characters. 
I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I did creating it. The development of the new game has most of all been a one-man show, however I couldn't do it without the selfless efforts members of the creative commons community, so I hereby thank them all. 
The game has been written in the LAURA II engine, or the "Lua-based Advanced Utility for RolePlay and Adventuring - version II". This engine has also been used for Star Story, and LAURA I was used for "The Secrets of Dyrt". I created this engine myself in BlitzMax. Like the name of the engine suggests the game was entirely scripted in Lua. Tons of Lua scripts I've written. 98% of the Lua script I wrote to bring you this game. You can take a look here

Over time the Phantasar universe gained some Lore that I never intended to create when I developed the original game. Parts of this lore can now be found in some improve scenario of the game, and in some side quests. 

And a recommendation, if you finished the game once, try it again in New Game+ mode. Not only will you then be able to play the game again by gaining more experience for beating monsters, but it will also unlock four extra sidequests, and one of them in particular gives you a very good look on the point of view of the "evil" side of the story, allowing you deeper understanding of the story and most of all its antagonist.

Have fun, boys and girls, with The Fairy Tale REVAMPED.

Files 271 MB
Version 7 Oct 28, 2018 269 MB
Version 6 Oct 28, 2018 26 MB
Version 6 Oct 28, 2018 28 MB
Version 7 Oct 28, 2018 271 MB
Version 1 Nov 14, 2017 269 MB
Version 1 Nov 14, 2017 26 MB
Version 1 Nov 14, 2017 28 MB
Version 1 Nov 14, 2017

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