First early access demo

Hello boy and girls;

Welcome to the puzzle game Cynthia Johnson.

In the game you take on the role of a young girl who happens to be an archeologist named tadaaa: Cynthia Johnson. 
Cynthia believes strongly in things most scientists deem nonsense like Atlantis and other strange magical and mythical phenomenons. She's on a quest to find evidence for the existence of such things, but many puzzles will block her way. Guide her past deadly traps to solve the puzzles and unlock new realms with new puzzles. The game features on-line leaderboards, so you can try if you are faster than other people or if you can solve a puzzle in less actions than somebody else can....

Please note, this is an early access demo. Only the realms "Egypt", "Ireland" and "Greece" will work, all others are still in development and will very likely only be available once the full version has been released. Don't worry about your save games. They will be transferrable to the finished version of the game (unless some really really terrible bugs pop up, but I don't expect so).

Some features may not yet work the way they should or not even at all. If you find any bugs or missing features don't hesitate to visit my issue tracker and report them:

Thanks to Butler I can update the game after every big programming session on, and I will do this as often as I feel the need. On Game Jolt such a tool does not yet exist (it's planned), meaning that updates will there only take place once a month or when really really serious bugs have been fixed. Sorry, uploading through a browser is <<<BAD WORDS HERE YOU DON'T WANT ME TO LEAVE UNCENSORED>>>.

Have fun ;)

Files 135 MB
Version 35 Sep 26, 2018 133 MB
Version 34 Sep 26, 2018 133 MB
Version 34 Sep 26, 2018 130 MB
Version 34 Sep 26, 2018 135 MB
Version 18 Dec 17, 2017 133 MB
Version 18 Dec 17, 2017 133 MB
Version 17 Dec 17, 2017 130 MB
Version 17 Dec 17, 2017

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